Below you can find on-line reports about the used car market. You will learn what is the average value for the selected car models and which are the most popular in the offers of sale. Click buttons below for going to reports page. Reports are based on 1 680 000 offers from Poland, which is updated on a regular basis.

The value of the car is falling since the purchase of a new model from the showroom. The largest decrease in value can be noted in the first three years of operation, regardless of make, model, fuel type and engine type. It is the economic reasons buyers tend to look relatively new cars at affordable prices.

In this report, you will find information on the average price of a used car for the selected model, depending on the manufacturing year. Select the manufacturer and model of the car, and see the page of the report with a table and a graph of the vehicle's value.

From the observation of the Polish market most popular are German and Japanese brands. Volkswagens, Opels, Audi or Toyota cars are seen as trouble-free, well-made and to ensure a high resale value. Their drop values are lower than similar models from France, Korea or Italy. Therefore cars with German or Japanese origins are in demand and more valued on the secondary market.

If you are interested, which the manufacturer and the brand is at the top in terms of sales offers, then click on the link above.